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Novel: My Side of the Mountain Author: Jean Craighead George Target Audience:  9 and older Genre: Survival Publication Year: 1959 Setting: New York (the Catskill Mountains); I didn’t notice a specific date, but references made by the main character indicate it takes place sometime in the 1950’s. It surprised me to realize this as an adult–as a […]

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

Novel: The Phantom Tollbooth Author: Norton Juster Target Audience:  9-12 years Genre: Fantasy Publication Year: 1961 Setting: The Lands Beyond; during the exile of the Princesses Rhyme and Reason A Favorite Quote: “Are you the giant?” asked Tock doubtfully. “To be sure,” he replied proudly. “I’m the smallest giant in the world.” My One Sentence […]

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

If you clicked on the picture of Ned currently found on the “My Books” page of the website–congratulations! You have found my sister’s secret Ned page. Enjoy! And this is Emily with our family’s first dog, Richie. A long, long time ago…

Secret Ned Page