About the Bookshelf…

I’ve taught middle school English since 2006. Each May, to encourage summer reading, I make every seventh grader in my class an individualized list of books based on what I know of his or her personality and reading preferences.¬†Over the years, I’ve amassed a fairly extensive list of reading suggestions based on which books my students seem to like.

Of course reading tastes do vary widely. One person will love a book; another person will hate it. This is natural. Reading is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Nonetheless I do genuinely believe that there is a book out there for every person. It’s just a matter of a little matchmaking…

To help others who are just as passionate about finding the right book for the right reader (whether you’re looking for yourself, a friend, a student, or one of your children) I thought it would be fun to start sharing the reading lists I’ve¬†compiled for my own students.

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Each recommendation on my book list includes…

Novel title:


*Target Audience:


Publication Year:

A Favorite Quote:

My One Sentence Summary:

What I loved about this book:

Major themes:

**Who should read this book:


*Taken directly from the publisher (or Publisher’s Weekly) recommendation.

**This is, of course, based completely my personal opinions.